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“I am the architect’s eyes,” says photographer Åke E:son Lindman and amazes us with the buildings’ bold shapes, flowing perspectives and exciting compositions.

Åke’s ability, like that of C.G. Rosenberg (1883-1957), to convey the architect’s inner intentions and put down his tripod at the optimal photographic point, has taken him on assignments to more than 20 countries.

In such Swedish magazines as Arkitektur and Residence, and in international publications, including Wallpaper and Architectural Digest, he has become an able cicerone in promoting Swedish architecture. For many architects, having their buildings photographed by Åke E:son Lindman has become a testimony to their success and importance.

“In my opinion, an architecture photographer is loyal to his architect and allows the architectural concept to stand out; not making use of the forms to manifest himself. Åke’s balanced approach has made him one of Sweden’s best architecture photographers,” says Olof Hultin, Editor-in-Chief of Arkitektur magazine.

In the “Stenstaden” (“Stone City”) collection, which has been specially prepared for the exhibition at Café Opera, Åke has chosen to show a collection of images from Stockholm’s architectural heyday in the years 1880-1920.

“I have fallen for a subdued, more restrained range of colors, reminiscent of older, faded color photographs. The faint tone binds the collection together and also makes the architectural shapes stand out better against the colors’ charming beauty,” says Åke.