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Xpose Gallery of Scandinavian Fine Photography
The place to purchase the best of Scandinavian Fine Art Original Prints

Xpose Gallery was founded in Stockholm in 2002 by art director Anders Schmidt and photographer Bruno Ehrs. Both have many years of experience of photographic art.

Anders Schmidt has worked for fifteen years with photographs in his profession as art director and in recent years he has received recognition for his award-winning graphic designs.

Bruno Ehrs is a photographer who, after completing his photographic education, began to work as an architecture photographer at the Stockholm City Museum. He has had some fifteen individual exhibitions to his name. In addition to his own photography, Bruno has also been active in spreading knowledge about older Swedish photography. He recently published two books about the art nouveau photographer Henry B. Goodwin.

From its inception, Xpose has already been linked to most of Sweden's leading artistic photographers. It is thereby Scandinavia's largest and most significant gallery focusing on classic black and white fine photography, in terms of both contemporary and historical photographers.

Xpose is primarily a web gallery, but it is possible to view all the photos in their original form at our premises in Stockholm by arrangement.

From 2009 Anders Schmidt manages the gallery, although Bruno Ehrs is still a represented artist.