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Buying an original print is simple and safe. And there is 20% discount for buyers outside the EU!

Xpose has chosen to organize the purchase of prints in a personal manner, using regular e-mail and requiring no credit card numbers. Since freight costs vary depending on the size of the print and the country to which it will be sent, the purchase process is performed in several steps. We have also chosen to handle payments in a traditional manner: cash-on-delivery or through a bank.

This is what to do
Adjacent to each print, you will find facts about the print and the "Add to Order Form" button. By clicking on this button, you will add this particular print to your Order Form.

When you are ready and want to submit your order, click on "Order Form" in the main menu. At this point, you can confirm that you have selected the correct prints and complete your address details. You can also add comments and ask questions about the prints you want to order.

When we have received your order, we will reply with details of the freight costs that will be added. The order is only complete when you approve the total price, including freight.

Buyers from countries outside the EU will receive a 20% discount on all prices. This means that when we reply to your order and provide the total price including freight, we will deduct 20% from the total price.

When payment is made in a currency other than euros, the currency will be adjusted to the current exchange rate of the euro at the time of payment. This means that the price shown in the linked "currency converter" may not be entirely accurate.

Xpose reserves the right not to be bound by any erroneous information that may appear on this website.